While most of us have sat in desks since our days in kindergarten, the type of desks available have continued to expand for many years. Surely the Egyptians and Ancient Romans must have figured out ways to utilize tables as desks, or quite possibly could have developed some of the very first desks ever made. The 1600’s brought on some of the first desks within English history. The 1700’s made way to the Queen Anne style of desks. By the 1900’s the world began to incorporate file pedestals within the desk itself, freeing up space within offices all around the world. Many of these styles and Traditional desk types are still available in the used market, or as replica new products from select manufacturers. The mid-century modern office desk phase gave way to a blend of wood styles and a more open simplistic style that is making its way back into homes and offices alike. While the recent changes in the office workplace has seen a sharp rise in wood laminate products, as opposed to the traditional wood or wood veneer products. Some aspects to keep in mind when choosing a desk is warranty, drawer slide quality, thickness, and the quality of the hardware. Also, keep in mind that some product can be in stock, however some desk products must be produced upon order and can take anywhere from 2-10 weeks of production time depending on the brand. We supply our clients with dozens of different desk products. Whether you are looking for a traditional desk, transitional desk, or a contemporary desk for your home or office environment, we would be glad to assist. Click on the links below to look through a few of our desk options we have available. If you are unsure which style fits best for your space contact us today.