Project Management

Your office is in many ways a reflection of your company’s image, and has a direct effect on the morale and productivity of your employees. We have a large variety of office productivity solutions to fix common issues within a work-space. We are experts in the industry and have a deep passion for helping people work more efficiently, while being happy doing it. Although we have been in business for many years we treat each project as if it were our first, with the most attention to detail, and expert service. We handle your project from beginning to end. If there is something in your office that needs to be addressed, or if you are contemplating an office refresher, let us set up a free consultation to give you options on how to make your office great.

Moving and office or renovating and existing one is not an everyday occurrence for most. For us it is. Let us take the stress out of having to manage these major transitions on your own. We let you the client determine the level of involvement you need from us. Our expertise is in furniture and in office moves and bring in experts in the following:

  • Licensed electrical work
  • Low voltage power/data
  • Carpet and flooring
  • Painting and wall covering
  • Window coverings and blinds
  • Art
  • Minor construction
  • Furniture Consultations
  • Property Management
  • Furniture Expertise
  • Office Furniture Appraisals

When all these things become a necessary part of of your office transition it may be difficult to manage yourself, while continuing the day to day operations of your own business. We are pros at managing and working with each vendor to coordinate each aspect of the process. We create the timelines, ensure the project stays within that time frame and within budget.