Contemporary Desks

Contemporary/Modern desks can have many meanings. There is no shortage of desk styles, prices, quality, colors, or configuration. As the industry changes so does the category of the modern office desk. The design community and the consumer needs will always determine the next wave of modern designed desks. While many years ago a steel desk may have been the “modern or new” design, those desks are now typically relegated to a back office or warehouse. In recent years we have seen the transition from cherry or maple colors to browns and now most recently gray or white color desks. There has been a major shift from wood veneer products to a heavily sought after wood laminate office desk demand. Open office feel is the way that many companies are going. Many times the private office may mirror the design of the open plan workstations of the common areas. One common theme with modern desks is the reduction in storage due to the push to become more paperless. Another big trend is the integration of sit to stand adjustable height desks. There are many manufacturers with a wide range of price points to choose from. Let Office Furniture Solutions help you to find the right modern desk solution for your company.