Our team worked with a mortgage company located right outside of Chicago, IL, to design and install a commercial office environment.

The reception area has a very welcoming feel to it, as well as being professional looking and comfortable. The first thing your clients and employees will see when they walk into your space is the reception area, so it’s very important for it to look nice and be inviting.

The space was really brought together by using colorful panel workstations made by Evolve. The whole office space has a very open feel to it thanks to the use of glass, which provided plenty of light from the exterior windows, while still giving the employees a sufficient amount of privacy.

We used lighter seating that incorporated the red company colors for the training room. The training room has a modern feel to it, due to the glass board and training tables that have wheels, allowing them to break away.

We used some lighter colors and a bit of light blue for the break room, which is where the employees go to eat.

We set up the private offices with Global Zira and Safco balls chairs.

The key thing that really sets this space apart from other workplaces is the addition of the LifeSpan treadmill desk. We’re all becoming more health conscious these days, so who wouldn’t want to be able to burn a few extra calories on the treadmill while working!

We can provide your office with excellent commercial office furniture, including height adjustable desks. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your office space.