In this project we worked alongside both the client and a construction crew in order to create a modern and open plan space that also had splashes of color dotted around in different areas. The back-to-back open O-leg workstations were separated with frosted glass dividers to make the space light but still provide enough privacy. Global Solar chairs were used for the workstations and we went with Global Princeton for the desks.

To fit into the niches we had Global storage fitted, as well as adding a common top to provide the workers with a standing work area. Gypsum partitions were used separate the desks and storage, achieving the clean look and feel our client requested.

A Global Zira conference table was used for the conference room, as it allowed for power to be easily accessible. As well as the magnificent conference table, we used Global Kate chairs around the table, which really gave the conference room a very luxurious feel to it.

For the breakout areas and breakout room we decided to go with a round table that had a disc base, along with Global Caprice chairs that added a little extra color and contrast against the plain white.

In the private offices we decided to match the same style of the open office desks by using a sit stand unit, along with a lower credenza storage. The credenza cushion provided a bit of extra color to the space.

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