We created a simple yet professional setup for a local tech company just down the road from us.

Initially there was just a project design. We then rendered it for our customer… and we can plan your office space too!

As the client’s business grew larger and got busier, more space was required to enable an increased number of employees to carry out their work effectively.

The new and extremely popular gray wood grain laminate was used for their small number of private offices.

We designed our white laminate open plan benching systems in the open areas, and we used some of the blue company colors on the dividers and cushions.

The project was managed exceptionally by our installation team.

It was the perfect project; under budget and completed on-time! The customer was very pleased indeed!

If you require affordable office furniture for your work space, we can provide high quality and excellent condition used office furniture. Call us today to see what affordable office furniture we can supply for your space!