Hyde Park is a perfect community to call home with its mix of culture and character. Whether you’re seeking delicious food or an ease of living, there are various reasons why this Chicago neighborhood will make your heart sing.

Hyde Park is a beautiful and diverse neighborhood that offers something for everyone. The University of Chicago campus provides an excellent impression of what college life could be, while Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House stands as one example of the great architect’s work in this area. There are also plenty more historical sites.

Hyde Park is a great Chicago neighborhood to live in, especially during the summer. The neighborhood’s most famous landmark – 57th Street Beach- attracts many visitors who come for an afternoon swim or just enjoy being at one of Chicago’s most beautiful beaches with their family members on nice days when it doesn’t rain. If you’re looking past that, though, there are plenty more things worth seeing in this part of town, including some other popular landmarks like The Palace of Fine Arts, which houses the Museum of Science and Industry.

The Hyde Park community is an amazing neighborhood to live in if you enjoy bustling city life. The urban feel and many restaurants make this an ideal spot for those who love exploring new places or just need their daily dose of caffeine.

The Hyde Park neighborhood is a haven for young professionals who want to live in an up-and-coming neighborhood. The public schools here are also above average, which makes it ideal for families with children to find their perfect home within this community.


Reference Points

If you’re a Hyde Park resident or just visiting, it’s helpful to be familiar with the neighborhood’s reference points. Here are some of this neighborhood’s reference points to get you started.

Medici On 57th

Medici on 57th is a local favorite for University of Chicago students looking for a delicious, affordable meal. The restaurant is best known for its pizzas, which are made with fresh, homemade dough and topped with a variety of tasty toppings. In addition to pizza, Medici also offers burgers, sandwiches, and other American fares. This amazing restaurant has a casual atmosphere and is BYO, making it a great place to relax and catch up with friends.

Address: 1327-1331, 1327 E 57th St, Chicago, IL 60637, United States


Morry’s Deli

Morry’s Deli is an NYC-style deli staple that has been serving up hearty sandwiches and other eats for years. The Deli is known for its simple, no-frills approach to food, as well as its competitive prices. While Morry’s may not be the most glamorous spot in town, it more than makes up for it in terms of flavor and satisfaction.

Address: 5500 S Cornell Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, United States



Roux is a Southern restaurant that serves traditional Southern staples with a modern twist. Some of their signature dishes include beignets, shrimp-&-grits, and chicken-fried steak. The restaurant has a stylish yet retro vibe, with Roux’s branded wallpaper and vintage posters adorning the walls. The menu features both classic and contemporary Southern dishes, making it the perfect spot for both locals and tourists alike.

Address: 1055 E 55th St, Chicago, IL 60615, United States


La Petite Folie

La Petite Folie is a French restaurant that serves classic French fare. La Petite Folie has an all-French wine list and an elegant space. La Petite Folie is a great place for a passionate dinner or a night out with friends. La Petite Folie is definitely the place to go if you’re eyeing a truly French dining experience.

Address: 1504 E 55th St, Chicago, IL 60615, United States


Salonica Restaurant

Salonica Restaurant is a Greek restaurant that serves American comfort food. The restaurant is located near the University of Chicago and offers a variety of Greek dishes. Salonica Restaurant has a casual atmosphere and is a great place to eat if you are seeking a quick meal.

Address: 1440 E 57th St, Chicago, IL 60637, United States