In this specific project we worked with the client to make their space branded with their company logo and colors. We decided to stick with a neutral color pallet, using color blocking for the areas of focus. This was a space that was highly customized to the client’s needs.

To provide the level of functionality and the specific aesthetic required by the client, in the conference rooms we used large glass boards, as well as rectangular and boat shaped tables that provided access to power.

In the private offices we used L-shaped desks with wall mounted storage and modern guest chairs. We also created a lounge area located in the executive office itself.

New cubicles were installed in the office areas that were open, using the color blocking design in line with the company’s branding. In addition to this, we also included new chairs that provided a dash of color, and we decided to move their old cubicles into the larger area, allowing the new work surfaces to work well with the panel fabric and metal finishes.

This was a great project to work on and we loved all of the color dotted about. It was great to see the final space match the client’s company branding.

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